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In 2011 your Board of Directors took on a huge undertaking in seeking an Association that works much like Waterloo-Wellington Mechanical Contractors’ Association where ALL CONTRACTORS, ALL THE TIME ARE WELCOME. .......more..


“Our Voice was heard.” 

College of Trades Ratio Recommendation

The panel is recommending a change in the ratio from 1:1, 3:1 to 1:1, 2:1

Before we start hiring remember this needs to be enacted and approved by cabinet, which should be a formality.

Print/View College Decision HereHome_files/RR14-Plumber-Steamfitter-EN%20-%20Decision.pdf
Are Your Vehicles M.T.O Licensed and Certified?

MTO Info

This information is accurate to February 2016 and you should confirm with the local MTO enforcement office to see if there are any new regulator/statutory changes.
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